18 Months and STILL Breastfeeding

Yes, we’re breastfeeding still!!

Cairo is now 20 months and when we are asked to justify why I choose to carry on breastfeeding him and believe me it is very much not my decision it’s his. I am totally ready to stop, I’m so over being bitten, scratched, pulled at and mauled but Cairo is not ready and I doubt he will be before he is 2.

Self- weaning from breastfeeding as my friend put it the other day is a total head fuck! Like how do you start, how are you sure it’s time, how do you recognise the signs and when your child doesn’t like any dairy products it makes it an even harder choice.

I’m desperate to wear proper bras again breastfeeding bras just don’t cut it and for them to shrink in line with my weight loss, I swear I should be at least 4 cup sizes smaller by now.

I find feeding him in front of strangers really intimidating and I like to dress fashionably and quite often forget I need a bit of modesty because even though I’ve lost at least 3 stone I still don’t particularly want to show the whole of Wetherspoons, the tram, classroom, my stomach/ muffin top and dodgy 18 year old tattoos.

I am about to return to work which I have no qualms about and I know he will be fine with Dad all day though I worry my nips won’t be fine when he spends all night breastfeeding. At the moment our mission is to try and get him a routine that will help with the adjustment, so far this is going so well and his mid day naps are amazing. night times are a whole other level but we are getting there slowly with less co-sleeping and getting him to sleep in his bed without boobing to sleep. The biggest challenge at night is getting out of bed to put him back to bed when it’s so much easier to let him climb in and sleep soundly.

Cairo has such an amazing little personality from his little shouts of “No!” “Get Down!” “Mine!” to his “Good Bye, Love yous!” his incredible love of dancing and music. I am so very proud of how confident and independent he is, something I have worked hard to encourage.

One day I’m sure he will sleep through the night in his own bed and maybe drink milk but for now I’m incredibly proud of who he is.



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