#AlphaBlogBites ~ K Is For Knowledge

K Is For Knowledge

As a Mum you gain lots of knowledge, about your child, your parenting style and your partner. The biggest thing I’ve learned since having the kids is trusting in that knowledge.

Whether you co-sleep, bottle feed, wean early, babywear or go back to work, know that you’re doing the best for you and your family. I am a lazy parent, I do whats best for me. That means breast feeding, co sleeping and no routines. It allows us flexibility to do things and I get to sleep, I don’t get to lie in but I get to sleep.

As a Mum I’ve also learned to budget, I know where I can buy trainers and pay them off in parts, I have learnt to feed a family of 4 with £40 quid for a week. I now know why people start buying Christmas presents in August.

I’ve also learned hangovers and children don’t mix, so I very rarely drink now.

Knowledge is hard won and never more so than when you’re a mum.

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