Breastfeeding at 18 months is hard! 

I had this plan when I was pregnant with Cairo, that I would feed (if possible) until he was 2, or when his teeth became too much.

Well he’s 18 months old tomorrow and breastfeeding is hard, but it’s my choice and Cairo won’t take cows milk in a bottle and I don’t believe in letting my child cry so right now we’re at an impasse. 

This situation is made harder by the fact Chris works nights and the only person Cairo will go so sleep for without being fed or screaming is Chris. Add in teething, growth spurts and development leaps and 8 big sharp teeth it’s a lot! 

Gone are our days of snuggly calm cuddles, in are breast feeding gymnastics involving 360 degree head twists, feeding standing up whilst reading and continual teeth grazing . 

I am conscious I am now feeding a toddler, he’s not a cute little baby, he’s loud he talks and if he wants milk he feels no way about pulling at my clothes to get access. This makes me uncomfortable about meeting people I don’t know and this means I find myself denying him milk/comfort in public and this doesn’t sit right with me either. 

I’m not sure where to go from here, or even why I’ve posted this but it’s such a milestone and I’m proud to have hit it. I just wish there was a gentle solution to all this.

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