Review – The Best Nursing Bra I’ve Ever Had!

Did anyone ever warn you how large your boobs would acutally grow when you got pregnant? Nah, me neither! With Mini it was 3 sizes by 6 weeks and by the time my milk came in it was another 3 cup sizes.

Now I don’t mean DD big or even a G cup I mean starting out at a 34 H and ending up a 38L!

When you have a larger chest you tend to wear well constructed, supportive bras and somehow no one has kinda managed that for nursing bras yet, Anita do an underwired Nursing bra but it doesn’t go past a G cup and Royce do one too but again it stops around the F/G mark.

With Cairo I was hot and uncomfortable almost from the beginning, I was measured for my nursing bras at 34 Weeks, most places like to measure you around 38weeks or just after birth. I chose the Royce Charlotte. Now me and the Charlotte are on our fourth size change and I’m still in love. It’s firm, uplifting and most importantly comfortable.

It’s available from most bra retailers and comes in sizes 30F-40K and retails around £26.00

It is the single most value for money item I have bought since being pregnant.

Photography not my own. 

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