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I’m J, a trainer fanatic I also have 2 kids. I have a gorgeous boyfriend who is the father of my son and I’ve been divorced from my daughters dad quite a few years now.

I brought my gorgeous daughter up in a haze of perinatal anxiety and trauma, in the real early days of Baby Led Weaning doing what I felt was right. This natural parenting was my saviour and helped me keep what little bit of my sanity that was left.

When I found myself divorced, we carried cheap nba jerseys on co sleeping pretty much til my daughter was 8. It wasn’t every night it wasn’t did all night but it worked for us. The years it was just me and daughter we travelled all over together on many fabulous adventures.

In between Blogging, barbering and travelling to he and from London to Nottingham I met my partner and fell in love with trainers. This meant a two fold love affair not only  with the man I love but also Jordons, Converse, Nike Air, Air Max, Adidas Stan Smiths, ZX Flux, Superstars.

Last Christmas everything changed and I found myself pregnant. We soon buckled down and I started embracing being pregnant. After buying a few pairs of cheap jerseys baby kicks we started looking at clothes cheap jerseys as we are both fashion obsessed. This led to us finding Cloth Nappies, this took me to a nappucino and this introduced me to my new love Baby Wearing.

Nothing prepared for being a mum again, we have managed quite well so here far. I have managed because we babywear and I say we because me and my bloke wear the baby. This allows excluding us to seemed travel lots, this allows me to be hands free so I can hold my daughters hand, so I could take her to a festival 6 weeks PP after a C section and also move house.

So this blog is dedicated to my family and what makes me tick, pretty cloth nappies even prettier wraps/carriers and some of the coolest trainers you may ever see

Love J

Super Busy MUm

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