8 Great Tips For Winter Babywearing

Winter Wrapping 

Now it’s getting colder don’t get caught out by the cold or by making newbie Babywearing mistakes.

 Babywearing can be done all year around as long as you are sure it’s safe underfoot to do so. Wearing shoes with great grip and coats with breathable layers mean you can stay warm and dry whilst out with your child. 

  • Use tights/ baby legs to keep legs warm.
  • Layers are brilliant, vests/tshirts/hoodies rather than bulky Pram suits
  • Remember sling passes count as layers. SSCs 1 layer, ruck 1layer, reinforced ruck 2 layers 
  • Your body heat is a layer and helps your child keep their body heat regulated. 
  • Use mittens/gloves on elastic 
  • Hats are fab, ones that tie under the chin even better. 
  • Lightweight waterproofs for when it rains. We use a waterproof poncho with hood. 
  • Clear domed umbrellas are perfect for babywearing lots of space and your child can see too. 

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