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So many holidays, School Holidays, Bank Holidays, Holidays at home and Holidays abroad. As mentioned before on the blog I am all for Staycations as we live on a tight budget and we have family in London which means we only need travel money. 

Staycation London Baby! 

We love London it’s where Chris is from and so it full of family, I also have family based in the SW. I love London. I love its pace, its culture, the sights, the Tube,the river. We mainly stay in East London and when we stay with the family we get ferried around in cars which I hate as the traffic is awful and we’re so used to using The Underground which is so much quicker. 

Last October we went to The Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford, the Horniman Museum in South London.

 In February we visited The Globe, St Paul’s and had a lovey walk along the South Bank to Canada Water. 

In August we spent our days in the park with food, music, games and the many members of Chris’ family. 

We always have a great time rushing around trying to see everyone whilst we were are in town. There are lots of places you can visit with children for free and there are some amazing walks along the river too. Babywearing is great in London I literally couldn’t cope trying to get Cairo around in a pushchair and kudos to every parent that does. 
Coping With Cloth On Holiday

One big thing that people wonder about when we go on holiday is ‘Do we use Cloth Nappies whilst we are away?’ The answer is yes! It’s super easy I take my Bum Genius Freetimes and Prefolds with Wraps for night time. I find that these systems wdry super quick and makes washing and drying simple in other people’s homes.

 I am the master at travelling light and very rarely take lots of luggage away with me. When it is just me and the children we cope with a small expandable suitcase, a rucksack each and maybe a small handbag. 

Holidays do not have to cost the earth, believe me when I say you can have fun with very little money and without travelling huge distances. 

Me Becoming Mum

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