Help Me ‘Carry On My Dream’ A GoFundMe Campaign And The Chance to Win A Joy And Joy Ringsling

Becoming a Babywearing Consultant

I have written a few times about my love of baby wearing. It is the single most important decision I made whilst I was pregnant that I wanted to do. At first I was put off at the idea of the stretchy wraps it seemed such a faff but once I saw a woman throw her toddler on her back and then carry two massive bags of nappies away like it was nothing I was sold. I bought a Papoozle as I had no idea what I was doing and this seemed the safest bet.

The Papoozle brings me to my point. There isn’t a sling library in the town where I live, it’s based in the city and I had SPD and I don’t drive so it wasn’t do-able for me and I wanted to carry straight away.


I have decided I want to be a Babywearing Consultant, this will allow me to set up a group in my local town and help others who want to carry or are carrying already and want further help.

The Slingababy course is based in Rugby and is a 4-day course which teaches not just about wraps and carriers but about health and safety, physiology and how to teach.

I have also set up a GoFundMe here to help me to realise my dream.

Wearing your baby close encourages skin to skin which helps release oxytocin and just gives you such a blissful feeling, it was the only solution to my sons 7pm screaming every day when he was tiny, it was the quickest way out the door in the school run when he was small and the only way I could even think about moving house when he was 6 weeks old. None of this would have been possible without a friend showing me the way, but not everyone has a friend and it’s these parents I’d like to help.

Babywearing doesn’t have to be expensive and is suitable for most parents, where there is a will there is a way to wear.

I ask that you have a look at my GoFundMe page and if you can pledge something please do.


I am an ambassador for Joy and Joe Baby products and as a Babywearing company they are fully supporting my decision to be a consultant and are offering a brand NEW Joy & Joe Baby Ring Sling to one of my donators once I raise my target!

Please donate some money and be entered into the draw to win a Joy & Joe Ringsling!







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