Wrapping Wednesday – Joy And Joe Baby Hot Chilli SMP Size 4 Woven Wrap Review

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Hot Chilli SMP Size 4 Review

Our First New Out The Box Woven Wrap

I finally feel like I can write a review on this wrap as I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it when it first landed.

I can’t talk about other brands as this is the only wrap I’ve had straight from the manufacturer but I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the tote and the addition of biscuits and a colouring book are sweet additions, plus wrap scraps and instruction booklets.


Due to it being my first brand new wrap and quite thin in feel to my more broken in ones, I found it a little diggy to start with and short wraps you cant spread the passes as much I find to help you carry the weight.

I decided to take it away with us to Center Parcs for the week as it was short, easy to wrap with and wouldn’t take up much room in our luggage. This was the best thing I could of done! It meant I had to use it and I think I have finally found my sweet spot for it, which for me is a Ruck Tied At Shoulder (RTAS) this was simple to do over my coat and also quick to get my ever independent toddler up and down!

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Chris has always been totally hands on with the wrapping side of things but he tends to use buckles more, so this was a real eye opener for him as he was using a shorter wrap too, so we started with a Basic Ruck and also a RRR with a CCCB which he hated! Chris finally found a finish he could do himself and that was a Forward Cross Carry (FCC).

By the time we left on the Friday we were totally won over. I’m so glad I persevered, I did consider selling it at one point but I’m so glad I didn’t. I love the colours and texture of the wrap. The wrap is definitely starting to fluff up a little now its been used a lot more.

The Facts

Blend: 100% Long staple Egyptian cotton.
​GSM: 295 g/m2
Weave Structure: Luxurious sateen jacquard on the right side with a more textured weave on the other side.
Dimensions: : 26 inches wide approximately by variable length.

Size 4: 3.6 M

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