Taking it back to the old school – Terry Nappies 

I’m part of the Volunteer team at Notts Cloth Nappies we are the Nottingham Cloth Nappy Library. Our organisation makes it an easy decision to use reusable nappies by lending families kits for free to give them the best chance in making reusables work for them and their families needs. 

A lot of people still think cloth nappies are Terry Squares and big rubber pants but that is not the case. Now there are 100’s of types with lots of different features from Low Cost to Slim Fit, custom designs to bright geometric prints and block colours. All in one Nappies (more like a normal disposable nappy in shape) and two part Nappies that work with a waterproof outer cover. 

I have lots of different nappies but as Cairo is nearly 2 I know we are gearing towards potty training and I’ve decided I want to try a simpler approach. So I’m taking it all the way back to Terry Squares with wraps. 

As I decided this I had no idea how to fold them (great planning there Jae) and as my Mum was here I said ‘go on then, show me’ she was absolutely mortified as she couldn’t remember there were some very strange shapes going on. I decided to do what I’ve done since I’ve turned 30 and Googled Terry Nappy Folds 

This was the first image a simple Kite Fold. 

We tried it and it stayed on! Now ever has an image of the big old safety pin!  It anymore we use nappy nippas a stretchy Y shaped fastening that uses tension to keep the nappy in place.  So after a few adjustments and a lot of tucking in we were good to go and Cairo promptly pooed! After cleaning him down and starting again we got him ready for bed and hoped it would last the night. 

I’m glad to report this morning there was no leaks or wet bedding, everything was still where it was supposed to be and he hadn’t pulled the wrap off  ( I was worried with it being Velcro he may pull it off but he didn’t) 

I will keep you informed with our progress and keep your eyes out for some colour coming your way. 

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