Using Cloth Nappies On The Go!

It’s one of the most asked questions with cloth ‘how do you cope when you’re out?’ The answer is, just like you do with disposables but with less mess.

Most of us carry wet bags which is the only difference to normal changing bags, these are amazing bags made with PUL like the nappy outer’s and keep all the smell and the wet in from the nappies and wipes and sometimes clothes too.

For a typical day out I carry 4 cloth nappies 4 reusable wipes and 4 fleece liners, a wet/dry bag, a couple of bibs, a couple of extra cloth wipes for hands and face, a bottle of water and a baby grow. I also carry a small tub of coconut oil for Cairo’s bum, along with some teething powder or calpol if he’s ill a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel and some toys this all fits with my purse, keys and if needs be  a hair brush, bobbles, lippy a pair of reusable breast pads and sometimes even a sling.

I have a fairly standard size Cath Kidston nappy bag, it has a really long adjustable strap so I can carry it whilst baby wearing too.

The biggest difference between cloth and disposable is that you take your mess home.

You can try out cloth nappies for very little cost and sometimes free by contacting one of the cloth nappy library’s shown on the map here or contacting the page

There’s a huge range of Wet Bags, Fleece Liners Reusable Breast Pads and Cloth nappies available at TJ’s Cloth Nappies Amazon and many more places online.







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  • I soooo lazy, I didn’t even entertain the idea of reusables. You make it seem totally easy! ūüôā

    • I found using disposables so much more work we use reusable everything so I never run out of anything. It’s very rare his nappies leak too which makes life much easier.

  • I have dabbled with cloth but I find they make the clothes bulky. I love them in the summer and will probably go back to them then. I wrote a post about cloth wipes a while ago.

  • Good for you for using them! My nephews had them for a month or so but as some of the other commentors said, they can get bulky in all the winter clothes. Definitely a brilliant thing to use thou (I’m an enviro-girl myself) x

    • I shop at H&M and their clothes are cut for cloth so no problem there.

      I did it because I don’t like to see disposables in summer and I like bright and stylish so that’s how I fell down the rabbit hole.

  • I am way too lazy to deal with cloth, and with three in nappies it wasn’t even a consideration!! I do love the gorgeous little wraps though! #dreamteam

  • I had no idea that there were special change bags for cloth nappies. Good for you for doing this, and it’s great to read that it’s a doable thing this day and age. I wish I had listened to myself and just gone with cloth nappies for Little Button. Unfortunately Mr Button talked me out of it – he wasn’t keen. And it’s something that I really regretted. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

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