Slimming World A Food Diary In Pictures 

Here are some of my fave meals I’ve made in the last two and half weeks. I’m allowed 6! Healthy Extras with the focus being on A choices so I get lots of calcium and to also use all 15 syns everyday as I’m still nursing Cairo and we are doing BLWing. 

 Syn free lasagne  
 Syn free chicken tikka

   Syn free brunch
 1 syn breakfast 

 Sexy potatoes Roast chicken and salad 1 syn coleslaw  
  Salmon stir fry 2 syns

 Mango melon and grapes with overnight oats img_2850-1 prawn Marie jacket potato with salad n avocado 5syns

 Chicken curry stirfry with egg fried rice synfree
Salmon stirfry with egg fried rice 5syns

 Lime and piri piri prawns with pasta in garlic and pepper quork syn free  

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