#AlphaBlogBites ~ E is for Earth 


Earth can mean lots of things, the planet we live on or the soil/ground our planet is made up of. 

When I was younger I remember the Green House effects being talked about, we were encouraged to recycle aluminium cans and to be aware of food waste. Now I am older I try to recycle as much as I can and I’m very mindful of wasting resources and especially food! One of the biggest impacts on our environment are Disposable Nappies. We didn’t decide to use Cloth Nappies  because we were environmentally conscious but because  really like stylish things and cloth Nappies are just easier on the eye and if you’re particularly frugal they will save you around £2500 for your first child and more with each subsequent child. 

The impact on the earth since disposable Nappies came into use is massive, not a single nappy has decomposed. In fact if Napoleon had been in Nappies they still wouldn’t have decomposed. 

If you would like to try Cloth Nappies I urge you to contact one of The U.K. Nappy  Network libraries to arrange a hire kit. 

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