What I Found In My Changing Bag! 

picture of an open cath kidston changing bag on a wooden floor
I saw a post on Bambino Mios FaceBook page earlier about what changing bag do you use if you use Cloth Nappies and that made me think ‘what is in my changing bag?’

close up image of a cath kidston changing bag showing the contents, a green toddler beaker, and three different coloured cloth nappies
I use a variety of bags to carry my Nappies in, if I’m going away I use a Cath Kidston Oilcloth Rucksack, if I’m packing Cairo off for the day I use my Cath Kidston Changing bag, if I’m popping out for a few hours I just tend to use one of my long handled hand bags as I tend to babywear rather than use a pushchair.

So as my Mum has had Cairo today here’s what’s in my changing bag today.

  • Cloth Nappies x3
  • Fleece liners x5
  • Reusable wipes x5
  • A baby gro
  • Socks x2
  • Gloves x2
  • Muslin Cloth
  • Wet bag
  • Sudacream
  • Metinum
  • A sachet of 6+ calpol
  • 27p
  • A mini mouse purse
  • Minis phone charger
  • Jogging bottom
  • Tights for Mini x2
  • Hair dressing clips x2
  • A wooden toy car
  • 3x dummies
  • A bow tie
  • 4x chocolate coins
  • A medicine syringe
  • 2x pens
  • A trolley coin
  • A hair elastic
  • AAA pass for Foribben Forest
  • Kidzania bankcard
  • Kidzania map
  • A beaker
  • A Removable Changing Mat

a flat lay picture showing the contents of the changing bag, as listed above another flat lay with items from the change bag as listed above on top of the portable changing mat.
I’m not even sure why some of this stuff is in here! Cairo hasn’t used a dummy since he was 4 months old, the Kidzania stuff is from September 15, I’m not even sure how Chris’s AAA pass got in there. It’s freezing today and we couldn’t mini any gloves! Yet there is two pots in the bag! How is this possible?

I’d love to know if there is anything unusual in yours?

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