5 Ways To Relax When You’re A Mum

Here are just some of the ways I relax when I can! 

 Bath Bombs

Ooh how I love a good bath bomb! Especially a lush one! And you get extra points for covering the bath with glitter/ bright dye or confetti. All jokes aside just being able to spend 45 minutes to an hour or so on my own in a hot bath is one of my favourite things to do. I think I spent most of my pregnancy wallowing in hot baths, reading a good book which brings me to my next point.

Reading a book

I love reading, I always have. To lose myself in a book is just bliss. I like books that take me away to another world or with a historical leaning. I rarely find the time to concentrate properly on a book and it annoys me. I don’t even read magazines any more I just read articles on line. 

I think I just found a New Years resolution. 

Going for a run

Now you might think ‘is she mad?’ I find running so freeing and uplifting not only am I knackered when I get home I am also  euphoric which leads to me sitting all relaxed and my mind feels cleared which you can’t beat. I’m slowly making time to get out and run again it’s not long but it makes such a difference to my day. 

Getting a pedicure 

I go to my local Vietnamese nail shop and spend 90 mins being soaked, stroked, filed and polished. Normally with a massive cream topped Latte and I don’t say a word the whole time. I just soak up the pop music and my biggest worry is the colour or pattern I will have that day. 

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