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mini walking our dog

P Is For Pets

I don’t know why I agreed to having pets, its that simple. My daughter is a massive animal lover, so that’s the reason why to be honest, she was so happy when she got her kitten I couldn’t say no. Then stupidly we took her with us when my parents went to see my friends new pup and they decided to have him, Mini fell in love with his brother who was the runt of the litter and after talking to Chris who lived away at the time, suggested us having a dog would make him feel we were more secure (we had survived 6 years on our own before then.)


Our Fur Family

So now we have Jordan and Cheetarah living with us. Jordan is a 2 and half year old Staffy and Cheetarah is a 3 and half year old long haired cat. Both animals are randomly black and white and they are both small for their breeds which in truth is a blessing.

Both animals belong to my daughter, she looks after them, she feeds them and she walks Jordan after school every day.

Pets are a great way to teach children about responsibility and nurturing.

And don’t believe the hype Jordan is a wet fish and doesn’t even bark so is useless as a guard dog!

marcs puppies

Furry Nieces & Nephews

Neither of my brothers have children yet, so I have furry ones! Marc has 2 Collies both girls Syren and Raven. Stu has a gorgeous little hamster called smoke.

We all grew up with pets too. We had numerous hamsters, budgies  and with Becky our beloved Golden Retriever who was just the most affectionate, soft dog and I loved her so much, she was happy to curl up with you when you felt sad. When she passed away my Dad was devastated so they got Kati who is also a Golden Retriever. As I mentioned earlier they also have Bruno who is Jordans brother.


Always remember to get your pets flea-ed and wormed regularly and try and keep on top of boosters and be a responsible owner and get your pet spayed, neutered. Also please try to adopt pets rather than buying from breeders as there are so many pets in rescue centres. Shop around not all Vets charge the same and if you qualify use the PDSA, it will make all the difference to your pets health.




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