#AlphaBlogBites – Birthdays

B is for Birthdays

rainbow cake
Minis Birthday Cake

Birthdays in our family are always a big deal! It’s a day to show someone you are thinking of them and that they are loved, my Mum has always taught us “it’s the thought that counts.” So cards with special meanings or even a bunch of hand picked flowers will always win the day or if all else fails bake a cake!

My partner is new to this life, he grew up not celebrating his birthday and received his first birthday cake at the grand old age of 38 from my parents. This year our friend Tash baked his and Cairo-Jaxxs Birthday cakes, they were multi layered vanilla rainbow cakes. The cake pictured above was baked by my Dad for Minis Birthday and was a Vanilla Rainbow Pinata cake.

Our birthdays seem to revolve around food as we are all quite food obsessed, Cairo-Jaxxs and Minis birthdays were a banquet of fried chicken and dumplings. My birthday was the introduction to Chris’s now legendary Harissa Lamb with couscous, humus, salad and Moroccan flatbreads.


Me Becoming Mum
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