#AlphaBlogBites ~ G Is For Gift

G Is for Gift

Cairo is my Gift. A gift I never knew I needed but now I couldn’t imagine my life without. Strangely enough I found out   I was pregnant this time two years ago, I was shocked and horrified; Chris was living down in London we’d only been together a year long distance. But here I was pregnant. 

Normally pregnancy is kinda exciting and scary for me it’s just plain scary, I was diagnosed with tokophobia when I was pregnant with Mini and it was hell! 

Thankfully my pregnancy with Cairo was completely different from the very beginning. It was an empowering,happy time for me. I worried with every new month/ trimester that my took phobia would kick in and it would all go pear shaped but it didn’t. 

I had an amazing birth experience, Cairo was a very easy going baby who was a dream to breastfeed, Chris from the beginning was a fantastic hands on Dad who took to parenthood like a duck to water. With the added bonus of babywearing those newborn weeks were a dream. 

I recently said to Chris ‘Thank you, for giving me Cairo, for being in my life. I feel youhave both mended a part of me I always thoughtwas broken. Cairo is truly a GIFT!’ 


Me Becoming Mum

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