#AlphaBlogBites ~ L Is For Letter

L iS for Letter

Letters I never send them, I never receive them! You’d be lucky now a days to receive a card from me, I’m just not that girl. I’m more of the type to make a very personalised photo collage and send it you or send you a video message or take you out for coffee/lunch or alcohol if I really like you! 

I send text messages, whatsapp messages, snapchats and Instagram videos but I very rarely put pen to paper. 

My favourite thing to write down is Lists! I love a good To Do List it makes me feel accomplished, I also love writing down Ideas you can’t have a good brainstorm with out a pen and paper. 

The biggest thing I miss are Planners I’ve always had them up until a couple of years ago when my phone just became easier. 

I’d love to know if anyone of you send letters still! 

Me Becoming Mum

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