#AlphaBlogBites ~ M Is For Music 

M Is For Music 

Grime music changed my life! It saved my mental health, it gave me a vocation, it led me to my partner and ultimately opened my eyes to the world. 

Without Music none of those things would have happened, Cairo-Jaxx certainly wouldn’t be here. 

Music is my constant, my comfort, my safe place. It brings back memories, friendships, the smell of the sea, the flat my parents lived in when I was little. 

I have grown up immersed in Music from the sounds of Eric Clapton to the soulful voice of Barry White, the energy of The Who to the ELO and Acid House my world is a kaleidoscope of sound.

Music is my religion. 

Jimi Hendrix

All hail Jimi! 

Me Becoming Mum

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