#AlphaBlogBites ~ O Is For Ode 

O is for Ode

Ode round ‘ere in my neck of t’woods is how you pronounce OLD, now I know you’re only as old as you feel or the man/woman you feel and all that jazz but I’m nearly 35 and all of a sudden I’ve realised I’m a Grown Up.

Being 35

I’ve always said I didn’t want to be in a salon at 35 because you’re old, who wants their hair done by an old woman but here I am at the top of my game being more creative than ever. 

Turning 30

I was divorced, single and living my life. I felt great, fit and happy and vowed my 30’s would be amazing. 

Growing Old Disgracefully 

So here’s the plan have another baby in the next two years, learn to drive and spend lots of time with Chris raving or off on minibreaks around Europes capitals. I will go raving in fields til I pop my hip out. 

Here’s to being proper Ode, enough to be my mates Mum, Ode enough to think 2001 was a few years ago, Ode enough to know better and finally Ode enough to wear a coat on a night out and not be sick through drinking too much. 

Ere’s to Gerrin Oder! 

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