#AlphaBlogBites ~ R Is For Revelations

R is for Revelations

The biggest revelations I’ve had are finding out I was pregnant with Cairo and realising that Mini has flourished massively from having two parents at home.



Mini and I had been a perfect little team from her being 18 months old to Chris moving in when she was 8 and a half, so that was 7 years of girly goodness. I worked full time for most of her school years pretty much with her going to after school clubs and my parents, I got the good snuggly hours before bed, with no after school tiredness and trauma.

Life Changing When she was 8 I hurt my back and before we knew it, I had no job and was pregnant. Chris moved in and almost immediately they got on like a house on fire. Mini thrived, with Chris to help with English and maths I was able to concentrate on the geekier subjects and look after the house, cooking etc. In the 6 months of school between Chris moving in and her report; Mini smashed it at school, her confidence increased, her English and maths skills improved, she was like a new child. All of this had also been reflected in her teachers comments and her end of year reports. Although as a single parent she always had my full attention, she totally needed another person to bounce off to bring out the bits I couldn’t. It has truly been a revelation!


Revealing to the world I was pregnant with Cairo was hilarious it went a little like this, on Facebook

So it looks like the next time I will be buying trainers, they will be very small ones approx end of June 2015


Anne yayyyy xxxx
Nikki  R u having a baby. X
Chantelle  Congratulations 😀xx
Jae Lol yes Nikki
Nikki Omg omg how far r u. Xxx
Nikki Congrats. Xx
Jae Either 10 or 12 weeks lol nikki
Denise Congratulations xx
Nikki  Ahh wicked news congrats to u both n the big sis. X
Michelle  Whooo whoop so pleased for you hun x
Lee  Wow! Congratulations xx
Michelle Oh wow never thought u would have another. Congratulations x
Alanagaga  Congratulations hun
Jae  Me neither Chelle obvs someone else thought otherwise lol
Sean  Congratulations Jayne xggg      
Sarah  YAY love x
Samantha Congratulations xx
Caroline Wowsers congrats! X

It was a fun way to reveal we were pregnant and I can’t wait to do it again!



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