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The biggest surprise I’ve had to date was realising Chris was a big deal in the music scene I was involved in!

We met on my 30th birthday at a club where he was doing security and after talking briefly we swapped BBM pins and carried on with our evenings. In my drunken state I had told him I had started a grime blog and was hoping it would get going soon. Fast forward a few months we had swapped numbers and sporadically kept in contact, I had found out he was an MC and was releasing music as a parody act and recording with some well-known producers to which I was rather taken aback and surprised as they were a big deal in grime also.

Then we fell out. I was at work one day answering messages in between clients whilst sat at the reception desk of the salon, which led to me giving Chris a load of short or mono syllabic answers to which he told me he wasnt impressed with and if I couldn’t talk to him properly then not to bother. I did what any self-respecting young lady did and told him to do one!

Months past and we became friends on Facebook and we exchanged the odd comment or birthday message and after a random conversation whilst I was on the beach we kept in touch. I had by this point become really involved with the grime scene and I was travelling backwards and forwards to London so we arranged to meet up. as it had been a couple of years since we had first met, it was a good thing Chris had the same hat on he was wearing the night we met.

After a few dates we were sat in St Pancras talking about grime and I told him I had just watched Lord Of The Mics 2 and I had never realised it was a certain MC stood in the background, to which he said ‘You really don’t much about the old stuff do you?’ which I just laughed off and never thought no more about it.

The Big Reveal

A week later I had been invited down to a press day for Lord Of The Mics and I was moaning to Chris in one of our many long phone calls that I couldn’t go but thought no more about it, then the next time I spoke to him he announced he’d decided to go the press day! I was baffled! So we had a phone call that was literally the most mental conversation we ever had.

Chris is Capo from Lord Of the Decks/Mics to which I kinda went what????????

Here I was blogging all day every day about Grime and here was one of the most pioneering guys in the scene and I had no idea! I was so embarrassed, I felt so stupid. I was in total shock and we didn’t speak for a few days.

It came in handy eventually, as I wouldn’t tell anyone we were together for a long time because I was adamant I would make it without his help, Then it was Lord Of The Mics live and my stats weren’t big enough to get me in on a press ticket so Chris got me and my best friend Mr Cheese in! Also when LOTM released limited edition clothing Chris not only got Skepta to send me a birthday message!! I also got a limited Edition Bomber Jacket, so it has paid off! We have been to live events too as well and seeing people’s faces when they see us together is so funny.

I still sit here and it just baffles me that the man I love is such a big deal in the scene I love. He has a story about everyone and everything! We sit in bed talking and its like an interview for my blog (hahahaha)

Chris shot by the famous Photographer Ewen Spencer in Jammer’s basement.

More info on Chris’s beginnings here  and one of his old interviews here and listen to his last hip hop project Panoramic WordPlay http://youtube.com/watch?v=XhzhWHNIygY


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