Back To Work I Go! – From SAHM to Part Time & How I Didn’t Go Mad Doing It!

I’ve gone back to work 2/3 days in a salon/ Mobile, after 18 months of Maternity Leave. Well not that I’ve done nothing in that time, I was back at the salon before Cairo was 6 weeks old and have been doing hair on and off since he was 2 weeks old but yeah I’m definitely back at work now. 

I have massively under estimated how much this would impact my life! It’s changed our whole house dynamic, Chris is now looking after Cairo whilst I work and Mini has become incredibly independent. This has allowed me along with the help of my Bullet Journal to manage my time much better. Who knew taking on around 16-20 hours of work would throw all of our lives upside down.

Returning to work has made me realise I live in leggings and t-shirts and I seriously need to go shopping for some grown up clothes. It’s given me an excuse to start making more of an effort with my appearance and giving myself the time to do so! Which can be hard whilst breastfeeding an 18mo and trying to curl/straighten your hair. I never realised how much I miss listening to music, shutting out the world with my head phones on something I hugely took for granted. It’s sad how as a Mum I feel I have no identity as such. I am a Blogger yes, but I have been a Hairdresser since I was 16 and I love my job! There is something about being with the other Stylists, seeing clients and not being a mum that is quite liberating. That being said though I miss him so much I couldn’t go back to work full time it would kill me and luckily we are quite good  OK at living to our means. 

I was introduced to the Bullet Journal by two of the Mums on my favourite Local Mum page and after seeing it in the flesh and creating a rather extensive Pinterest Board here, I went to Ryman and bought a  Med. Soft Cover Notebook which were on BOGOF and some fine liners from Poundland. In hindsight I feel I need a bigger one as I can’t do a whole month on one page for a monthly log.

In my Bullet Journal I have 

  • Future log
  • Weekly log
  • Weight tracker
  • Period tracker
  • Spending log
  • Savings tracker
  • House to do list
  • Inspiration quotes
  • Habit tracker
  • Gratitude pages

For a quick start guide head to Bullet they break it all down to its purest form and it’s so simple to start.

It’s changed my life! The house is tidier, there is less laundry, my shopping list is smaller, I am much less stressed, and so much more focused. Being accountable to myself with no pressure is massive to me just massive and has been such a big help in the run up to Xmas, I made a Xmas page after seeing Lynsey’s and it helped me so much to keep on track of my spending goal and also to make sure I ordered everything we needed food wise which left me quite relaxed.

So my point is this 

When you go back to work, you need to be organised, to be organised you need a planner system that works for you! 

There’s no point earning money to be stressed to breaking point, nothing is worth that! 

And after all that it’s still not working for you, maybe staying home is what’s good for you then do that! Money can be earned from home through various channels you just need to be creative. 

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