Nottingham Park Tunnel

Chris has been with us in Nottingham for nearly 2 years and yet the most he has seen of it is Wollaton Park, the Embankment, Attenborough Nature Reserve and the length and breadth of Beeston.

We had a little chat in the week about how we missed going for walks in and around London together so I decided to do some digging on Google, found some guided walks in Nottingham and one featured the Park Tunnel so I downloaded it to our phone and off we went.

As the weather was especially bitter we all wrapped up, walked up to Chilwell Road jumped on the tram using its handy £5 group special and off we went. Disembarking at Theatre Royal we grabbed a Starbucks to keep warm and off we headed to see the Sky Mirror at the Playhouse.

The Sky mirror as its name suggests is a large mirror that reflects the sky and due to its convex structure renders the reflection upside down. It’s massive and so stark stood in front of Nottingham’s Playhouse Theatre it’s soft curves contrasting sharply with the sharp lines of the 60’s architecture of The Playhouse. I thought this would be a gorgeous place to take pictures but alas as it reflected so much light and I’m still not savvy enough with my camera to counteract the light with the white balance, the pictures didn’t turn out so great unfortunately.

Mini led the way up Derby Road past the Cathedral, past St Joseph’s then turning left into the carpark and heading down the slope to what looks like a dead end, in fact at this point I was ready for Chris to start mocking me I totally thought id got it wrong until Mini shouted ‘Wow Mum!’ I got chills as we walked into what looks an underground car park but the space opens into this huge cavernous place.

In the web article (download the walk here) the Park tunnel was built to connect Derby Road to the Park Estate to enable horse drawn carriages an easier thoroughfare but it never quite caught on. I don’t know how! Its huge, I have lived in Nottingham all my life and I’ve never heard of it until last year when I was on Facebook and looking at old pictures on a local history Facebook group. yes, I’m that much of a nerd!

My reasons for choosing this location were entirely selfish as I’m an ambassador for Joy & Joe Baby I wanted to get some pictures with an unusual background in, I got what I wanted. The location is gorgeous but incredibly challenging to take pictures in due to the light and the structure. We managed to get some lovely shots thank goodness.

As we walked out of the tunnel we found a few modern houses that look incredibly out of place in this historic estate, past the tennis courts and down towards the Nottingham Castle and The Brewhouse Yard. The temperature by this time had dropped dramatically and we were all freezing so we cut short our walk, missing out the Robin Hood Statue in the Castle grounds.

I was a upset we didn’t end up in the higher area of the Park estate as the views are gorgeous, but there is always another time!

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