Our 2016 Christmas Tree ~ The Toddler Edition

It’s the 2nd of January and all our Xmas decs are down! I repeat they are down! I can’t believe it , it’s not because I’m one of those super clean freaks I’m totally not it’s not because I couldn’t bare the sight of them any more, it’s because I have a TODDLER! 

No more decs for us

Since 3/12 when I put the decorations up Cairo-Jaxx has delighted in pulling, bashing, swinging them and even though the tree has been on a table out of his way and I’d gone as minimalist/ Scandi with the decorations that I could, I was petrified he was going to pull my tree and all my glass decorations on to his head. 

Poundland did us proud!

Xmas trees are a big deal in our family, my mum has 3 every year and has enough decorations to provide them for all of us if we want a particular colour/theme. I like a traditional style tree with the tinsel (big fat fluffy tinsel) put on first then the lights (not flashing I hate flashing lights) then the decs. I tend to lean towards a three coloured scheme with lots of baubles and the odd ornament. I then hang a bit of tinsel/ ornaments round my fireplace. 
2015’s Tree
Last year when Cairo was 6 months old we couldn’t decorate the fireplace as he was crawling and he just constantly attacked anything we put down. This year I feel like I’ve spent the last month telling him to get off the fireplace. 

I decided to go red and white and use my mums very modern and minimal tree this year. This led to a Scandinavian style mix of decorations with some of my more luxe glass decorations which was interesting, Poundland was a great source for decorations this year too. I was quite impressed to be honest. 

2016’s Tree

Let’s hope our plan to have a real tree this Xmas doesn’t end in tears!

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