Stylish Gifts I’m Hoping To Get For Christmas 

Christmas is hard work when you’re a Mum. You spend all year budgeting and squirrelling presents away then if you’re like me, during December it’s like a blind panic as to whether we’ve bought enough presents for the kids. 

It doesn’t help my birthday is in December too. So I either get two lots of gifts or big ones on either my birthday or on Christmas Day. Before I met Chris I used to be shameless in my requests for gifts as it was the only time of the year I could request gifts for things I wanted or needed Chris hates this! Like literally hates it. Fortunately since we got together I don’t feel like I need anything, I’m just happy with him and the kids. 

Anyway after receiving an Apple Watch for my birthday this is what I’m hoping to find under the tree on Christmas Day. 

Rose Gold Air Max 90s from Schuh I love 90’s they’re so comfy and this metallic update is really sophiscated and will look great with casual or smart outfits.

Hair Curling Wands, I love my hair curly and after losing my cone curler a couple of years ago I’d love new ones. The chopstick Wand gives the most amazing long lasting curls. Available from £20.00

I’m absolute desperate for this book! I love Grime and all things related to it. This is such an important book I can’t wait to read. Buy here.

Christmas means amazing Lush sets, and I love this little cute bear and all it’s soft skin products. Grab it now for £19.99

I’m obsessed with highlighter, I truly have to resist the urge to dust it all over my face (I have seen it done, it looks awful) Anyway, Make Up Revolution do great value highlighters from £3-8 you can literally buy all of them and get your glow on. Available in store at Superdrug or online.

Here’s hoping Santa thinks I’ve been a good girl. 

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