Trainer Tuesdays – Air Force 1’s

The way to a mans heart apparently is through his stomach, well for this bird its trainers, kicks and sneakers! My fella knows this so for Christmas I received new kicks. Not just any kicks new Nike Air Force 1’s.

I was treated to the sight of a pair of blinding white Nike Air Force 1’s with iridescent detailing and a clear sole.

I love simple classic white kicks, the last pair i owned were Adidas Stan Smith’s with a Zebra detail to the rear of the shoe, they go with everything, suit all outfits all occasions and are suitable from spring all the way through to winter.

It always takes me a wile to come around to wearing new trainers, I can often wait at least 6 months before wearing them the first time and with white ones it can take even longer as I can’t bare to get them dirty, but once they are dirty I will either throw them away or wear them to absolute death.

I’ve done quite well to get these out so early and in February too! The weather was fairly dry today so I thought why not.

After a good long walk I can report they are very comfy, though nothing on the slipper like quality of Asics!! I think this may be because these are possibly a Men’s 7 and I’m more a 6 in Men’s sizes but I’m happy.



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